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The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education

Application Procedures

All applications for LSA, LSA+, FSP, DSP and Exchange programs will be available on-line in mid-September. Be sure to save your application as you go along and do so often. There is a "save" button at the bottom of the screen. Your application will not be submitted until you select the "submit" button which is also at the bottom of the screen. Undergraduate students are expected to devise a clear and coherent plan of study before applying.

OCP Calendar: Important Dates to Remember

Select the link below to download a schedule of important deadline dates for the academic years identified.

July 2017 -- June 2018 Calendar.docx

July 2018 -- June 2019 Calendar.docx

Requesting Recommendations

Prior to requesting an online recommendation, undergraduate students must contact each potential recommender directly to ask if he/she is willing to serve as a recommender. After receiving approval from the faculty member(s), students will need to identify their recommenders in the application system. Each recommender will then receive an e-mail message requesting that a recommendation be completed on the student's behalf along with information about how to complete the recommendation online.  Recommendations cannot come from anyone with a "student" status.

Dartmouth College Guarini Institute Programs

Applications to the Dartmouth Guarini Institute Programs are open to all undergraduates in good standing who plan to complete the necessary prerequisite course(s) and obtain parental permission. Acceptance to these programs is based on the application, recommendations and, in some cases, interviews. Undergraduate students must also have completed the writing and first-year seminar requirementsBecause of limited room, it is not always possible for every student who applies to be accepted. Programs are open to Dartmouth students only.

Although Dartmouth undergraduate students may occasionally elect a two-course or four-course load while in Hanover, all undergraduate students on off-campus programs are to take three courses. The Non-Recording Option is not offered for any off-campus courses. Students are expected to be at their program for its full duration.

Application forms for the 2018-2019 academic year are available online at All forms must be completed and submitted by February 1st.  Faculty directors will decide whether late applications will be considered. Students wishing to complete the language requirement by going on an LSA must plan to do so by the end of their seventh term in residence.

Dartmouth College Exchange Programs

Faculty regulations require that each undergraduate student planning an exchange term be in good academic standing and secure the prior approval of appropriate department or division at Dartmouth for all courses to be taken. Once the courses have been approved by the respective departments or divisions at Dartmouth, then the Registrar's Office will act to approve the entire package of courses. If approved, up to four credits may be transferred toward the Dartmouth degree. Admitted first-year students may normally transfer no more than four course credits whether such courses have been taken prior to matriculation or subsequently. Undergraduate students cannot earn exchange credits during the fall, winter or spring terms of their first or senior years.

Forms necessary for application for exchange credit must be filed in the Registrar's Office before departure for the host institution. The deadline for filing these exchange forms, completed and signed by the appropriate department chair or designate in the Registrar's Office is during the Dartmouth term immediately proceeding the first day of the exchange term. Depending upon departmental approval, exchange credits may be used toward partial satisfaction of major or general education requirements. Only the interdisciplinary credit must be taken at Dartmouth. Note, however, that courses taken under a pass-fail option may be transferred only if certified that the work was of "C" or higher level. Such credits may be used for course count only; they may not count toward the general education requirements. Only course grades of "C" or higher may be transferred to Dartmouth. Grades do not transfer, only course credits transfer.

Other Transfer Credit (Transfer Term)

To begin the process of studying away on a non-Dartmouth sponsored program (Transfer Term), please use the checklist located on the Registrar's Office website.

Applying for Programs On-line:  Frequently Asked Questions


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Last modified 01/05/2018