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The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education
Applying for Programs On-line: Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do I need to register for the classes taken on the FSP/LSA?

Response: No, once your D-plan shows you are on the program, the Registrar's Office will put you in the required courses.

Question:  I am currently applying to a fall term program but I won't be on campus winter term.  Is there a different deadline for me because I know the program I am applying for includes an interview component?

Response: No, you still submit your application by the deadline date (i.e., February 1st).  If an interview is required, you will be asked to do a phone interview, a Skype interview, etc, during the winter term.

Question:  By what time of day do  I need to submit my application?

Response:  Applications are due online by 11:59 pm on the deadline date.

Question:  Can I apply to more than one program?

Response:  Students can apply to multiple programs but may only commit to one program per term.

Question: In many fields on the application questionnaire and other forms, the website identifies the number of characters that the field will hold and displays the number of characters remaining for entry as data is entered. Do our responses have to use the maximum number of characters available?

Response: No

Question: If I don't complete the application the first time through and want to return to complete it, how do I do that?

Answer: You will need to return to the program brochure, click on the "Apply Now" button and continue with your application. If you have more than one active application, you can also access your other applications on your personal home page once you are logged onto the system.  If you have "submitted" your application, you will need to contact the Guarini Institute to ask them to "unsubmit" it for you so you can make your changes.  You will then need to "submit" it again.

Questions: What do I need to do with the "equivalency" box?

Answer: Nothing, please ignore this section.

Question: What do I do with the cc email address box?

This box is available should you have an alternate email address you would like to have correspondence sent in addition to your Dartmouth email address.


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Last modified 10/20/2017