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The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education

Recommendation Guidelines for Students:

Recommendations are requested online via the application page and students should request them well in advance of the application deadline. Prior to requesting a recommendation on-line, students must contact each potential recommender directly to ask the faculty member if he/she is willing to serve as a recommender.  After receiving approval from the faculty member(s), students will need to identify their recommenders in the application system. Each recommender will then receive an e-mail message requesting that a recommendation be completed on the student's behalf along with information about how to complete the recommendation on-line.

If applying to more than one program, students are responsible for requesting a recommendation for each program. If the recommender is writing a recommendation for you and they agree that it can apply to any and all off-campus program applications, please ask the faculty to email and the office can copy the first recommendation to multiple applications. If you anticipate a problem obtaining the proper recommendations, please speak to someone at the Guarini Institute immediately. If you are off-campus winter term and need to apply early, please be sure to notify your recommenders of this early deadline.

Please note the following guidelines:
  • If the recommendation is from a Dartmouth professor, it must be from one who has taught you in class.
  • Faculty visiting at Dartmouth are allowed to write recommendations.
  • If the recommendation is from an adviser, it must be your undergraduate dean or major adviser.
  • Student recommendations are not accepted.
  • For exchange program recommendations, please consult the appropriate exchange program information sheet.

First Year Student Exception:
First year students may encounter difficulty obtaining two Dartmouth faculty recommendations when applying for programs during the winter term of their first year at Dartmouth. In such instances, and in most cases (see chart below), first year students must obtain at least one recommendation from a Dartmouth faculty member; the other can be from someone that knows the student well. Examples of acceptable second recommenders for first year students include their undergraduate dean, a coach, a high school recommender, someone you worked for, etc. The second recommender may not be another students (undergraduate or graduate).

Recommendation Guideline Chart.pdf

I have read and understand the guidelines for obtaining recommendations and agree that it is my responsibility to make sure that all recommendations have been submitted by the appropriate deadline. If applying to more than one program, I understand that I am responsible for requesting a recommendation for each program.

Please send comments to the Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education.

Last modified 12/19/2018