Fall Budget Sheet for History FSP London
Fall Budget Sheet for History FSP London
Budget Item Internal
Room & Board Costs Paid by Dartmouth *   $6,500.00
Dartmouth Fees *   $472.00
Dartmouth 2022-23 Tuition *   $20,229.00
Other Billed Costs *   $0.00
Billable subtotal:  $27,201.00
Round Trip Transportation to/from Program   $1,300.00
Meals not Provided by Program   $2,670.00
Books   $335.00
Visa Fees   $0.00
Miscellaneous   $1,300.00
Other Costs Paid by Student   $0.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $5,605.00
Total: $32,806.00
For more information visit the MONEY MATTERS section of the Guarini Guide to Off-Campus Programs 
Tuition and Fees will be billed to your student account. 

Accommodations and Food  
A Room & Board fee of $6,500 will be billed to your student account. This charge covers your lodging and a local transportation pass.
Additional Food, Local Transportation, and Spending Money  
A minimum of $3,970 is recommended for out-of-pocket expenses, which includes an estimate of $30/day for food ($2,670 total), and $1,300 for extra transportation and spending money. The amount you budget depends on the value of the dollar in relation to the British Pound, your resources, and your lifestyle (i.e. frequency of dining out, travel plans on weekends, etc). The program will cover program-related local transportation and all group activities, but you will be responsible for your transportation to and from London. 

Round-trip transportation from Boston to London is estimated at $1,300. This amount will be reported to the Financial Aid Office. This Round-Trip Transportation estimate includes transportation to and from campus to Boston ($400 estimate) and a round-trip flight with no change fee ($900 estimate). 

Notes: Amounts listed for individual budget items are the best estimates available at this time.

Updated by CRT 7/5/2022
* Billable item