Fall Budget Sheet for ASCL Chinese LSA+ Beijing
Fall Budget Sheet for ASCL Chinese LSA+ Beijing
Budget Item
Living Expenses *  
Dartmouth Fees (Term) *  
Billable subtotal: 
Round Trip Transportation  
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment  
Visa Fees  
Non-billable subtotal: 


For a description of what’s covered in each budget item calculation, click on or hover over the budget item titles.

Use the student OCP budget tracking spreadsheet created by a Student Alumni Mentor to help you stay on track.
Or, for more information on budgeting and budgeting app recommendations, read the finances sections in the Student Handbook for Off-Campus Programs.

Dartmouth Billable Expenses

Living Expenses

  • Housing: TBD.
  • Food: TBD.
  • Onsite Transportation: TBD.

Student-Covered Non-Billable Expenses

  • Round-Trip Transportation (see glossary) As suggested in the program’s travel guidance (see the documents tab in your program application).
  • Food purchased or self-prepared: TBD
  • Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment (see glossary)
  • Miscellaneous (see glossary)

Obtaining Funds for Non-Billable Items

High-need Financial Aid students can obtain funds for non-billable budget items via a financial aid “refund.” Some high-need students not only will owe nothing on their billing statement but will have enough aid leftover to cover their round-trip transportation and other costs after their billed charges are paid. The following options are only available to students who will have a large enough refund available in their accounts to cover the travel charge. See more about studying away on Financial Aid.
Option 1: Purchase your own flights upfront and reimburse yourself out of the account refund available at the start of the term.
Option 2: If option 1 is not possible and if you qualify for this support, you may be able to book your flight through  the College’s travel service, Travel Leaders, where it is charged directly to your D-Pay account and your D-Pay credit balance will cover the cost of the ticket.
Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions.
Note: Amounts listed for individual budget items are the best estimates currently available.
Last updated for 21S by CRT on 18 DEC 2023.
* Billable item