Year Budget Sheet for Waseda University
Year Budget Sheet for Waseda University
Budget Item Exchange (I)
Dartmouth 2020-21 Fees (exchange, full year) *   $1,350.00
Dartmouth Tuition 20-21 Full Year *   $57,795.00
Billable subtotal:  $59,145.00
Round Trip Transportation to/from Program   $3,800.00
Lodging (exchange)   $7,440.00
Meals (exchange)   $7,500.00
Books (exchange, full year)   $1,005.00
Visa Fees   $50.00
Miscellaneous   $2,040.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $21,835.00
Total: $80,980.00
Amounts listed for individual budget items are best estimates available at this time.

The estimate for roundtrip transportation for year long programs is based on two roundtrip flights instead of one roundtrip flight for single term/semester programs.

Students pay normal tuition to Dartmouth. 

*Please note this budget information is applicable for each semester offered.  
* Billable item