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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for Keio University.

Spring Budget Sheet for Keio University
Spring Budget Sheet for Keio University
Budget Item Exchange (I)
Other Billed Costs *   $9,632.00
Dartmouth Fees *   $459.00
Billable subtotal:  $10,091.00
Round Trip Transportation to/from Program   $1,900.00
Lodging (exchange)   $3,140.00
Meals (exchange)   $2,110.00
Books (exchange)   $500.00
Visa Fees   $50.00
Miscellaneous   $1,020.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $8,720.00
Total: $18,811.00
Amounts listed for individual budget items are best estimates available for 2019-20 programs at this time. "Other Fees" each term include the Dartmouth General Student Services Fee and Health Access Fee. Because the exchange with Keio University is an official program sponsored by the College, Dartmouth students do not pay the transfer term fee that the College charges to students who study on outside programs during leave terms (transfer terms).

Dartmouth students participating on the exchange for one term are expected to pay 1/2 their regular tuition to Dartmouth.  Dartmouth students participating on the exchange for a full academic year pay Dartmouth 1/2 tuition for the fall and winter terms and are not billed tuition for the Dartmouth spring term. Students will still pay "Other fees" to Dartmouth for each Dartmouth term they are on exchange.

Dartmouth students studying at Keio for a full year are eligible for Keio's support in applying for the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science Scholarship (MEXT). This is a generous scholarship that supports foreign students who study in higher education institutions. Click for more information: MEXT Scholarship

Dartmouth students studying for a single semester are eligible for the Keio University International Center Scholarship.

The Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) Student Exchange Program Support Program for Short Term Study in Japan (JASSO Scholarship) is available to qualified students who have been admitted to a Japanese college or university. The scholarship program is intended to encourage student exchange between universities in Japan and their overseas partner institutions, and to promote understanding and friendship between the participating countries. The scholarship provides a generous monthly stipend. Scholarships such as those provided by JASSO are available to Dartmouth students but not guaranteed for all exchange students since the number of scholarships is limited. Click for more information: JASSO

Please contact the Guarini Institute for more information about costs associated with the exchange. 

* Billable item