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The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education
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German Studies FSP Berlin
Berlin, Germany (Outgoing w/Side Trips Program)
Program Terms:
Program Terms: Fall
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Restrictions: Dartmouth applicants only
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Fall 2019 05/01/2019 ** Varies TBA TBA

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FSP Department / Program: German Studies
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Program Overview

GermanFSBerlin has regained its singular position both as Germany's capital and as a mediator between East and West. While it is also the site of the German LSA, the foreign study program enables students to experience it in new and significantly different ways. Few cities in the world can rival Berlin's current political and economic role, the variety of its history, the ethnic and cultural diversity of its population, or the richness of its traditional as well as contemporary offerings in art, theater, music and film. The New York Times has called Berlin "the most exciting city in Europe," but it is also a comfortable, livable place of distinctive neighborhoods, parks and lakes, all joined by a convenient system of public transportation. 
FSP students take courses with the Dartmouth director and two local faculty members. The academic program, conducted entirely in German, stresses an in-depth exploration of contemporary local culture, especially theater, and is complemented by excursions to historical sites and an extended trip to Vienna. 
The FSP is operated?in partnership with?Academic Programs International (API).?API is an educational organization dedicated to providing challenging and enriching study abroad programs. 


Faculty Directors
2018 Fall:  Professor Klaus Mladek

German 29: A Cultural Studies Approach to Contemporary Germany and Berlin? ? 
German 30: Studies in German History? ? 
German 31: Studies in German Theater 

Any two courses above German 5 (excluding 7 and 13) with an average grade of B or better; 42-47, which are in translation, require additional work in German and only one of these 40s courses may count toward the two prerequisites. 
OR ? 
Satisfactory completion of the German LSA during the summer term immediately preceding the foreign study term. 

Student Life

Students will live with German families.  Your relationship with your host family may well be one of the most important aspects of the program. It is worth your while to make that relationship work. Each relationship will be different, and each will require some negotiation about the appropriate balance between privacy and togetherness, but the effort will be worth it.
Each family is different. You may live with a couple with younger or older children or no children at all, for example, with a widow living alone, or with a single parent. Other family configurations, too, are possible. While the family placer does her best to find compatible combinations, you may still need to adjust to the unexpected. That process often proves to be the most valuable part of your FSP experience.
Families are committed to extending you their hospitality and interacting with you regularly.Please let your host family members know early on that you value getting to know them.Bring a scrapbook or post one on line that you can share with them and create a few initial questions to ask them to open up dialog. 

For more information, please see the German Department website.

Financial Information

Tuition and Fees
The fees charged by the College for a Dartmouth-sponsored off-campus term of study include regular tuition charges for a term at Dartmouth, service fees, as well as the specific costs established for each off-campus study locale. In many programs, the room and board costs tend to be higher than for a term in Hanover. You can view a budget sheet for this program by clicking here. The cost of transportation to and from the site is the responsibility of the student.

Financial Aid
In order that all qualified Dartmouth undergraduate students may have the opportunity to take part in off-campus programs, the College endeavors to adjust its normal financial aid awards for students already receiving aid. Tuition and expected family contribution for Dartmouth's off-campus programs are the same as for an on-campus term. Assistance is available to meet extra costs associated with off-campus programs, including airfare. Half of any extra cost is met with additional Dartmouth scholarship; loan assistance is offered for the other half. Loan assistance is also offered to replace the employment that would normally be included in an on-campus term. Although financial aid recipients are given aid to cover all of the required costs of the program, students are responsible for purchasing their own plane ticket and, on some programs, meals. Often this means that part of the expected family contribution is used towards these costs rather than for tuition.

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